About Us


Gold Link Global (GLG) is an entertainment agency that specializes in providing brand structuring and quality content services for creative enthusiasts and entertainers alike striving to expand their small, humble brands into global icons in their respective industries. Our main mission is to help those up-and-coming innovatives and independent creatives alike to build their platforms and achieve their dreams in changing the world.

Gold Link Global (GLG) was founded by Brandon A. Calfe in 2017, in Newburgh, New York. With humble beginnings, the original idea of the agency was to provide a platform to the unnoticed, creative minds in the world. The separate components of the music industry operate largely independent of one another, making it rather complex and expensive to acquire the necessary resources to progress as a brand. We aim to find a solution to this issue by creating an integrated system of collaboration. Using the connections with other freelancing experts, the organization came together with the sole purpose of offering others a chance to express themselves creatively. We make it our #1 priority to cater to each artist that we work with, as well as facilitating the successful growth of their brand. 

WE UNDERSTAND THE HUSTLE. Before Gold Link Global was officially formed, the harsh reality of the exponentially growing music industry was made increasingly evident to us. Where growth was concerned, it wasn’t a lack of determination nor ability that prevented talented people from flourishing, but the lack of the necessary tools to get a leg up in the industry. Without the adequate resources and professional experience, it can be quite challenging, especially in the early stages of one’s career. Without an influential platform to promote themselves, those seeking to make a positive change in this world go largely unnoticed.

OUR MISSION. Gold Link Global aims to provide all the necessary resources required for creatives to effectively navigate their respective industries and provide a diverse creative content experience. We provide opportunities for creatives to access a wide range of accessible services such as scheduled events, original content and consumer products. We aim to integrate in an otherwise fragmented industry and produce new and quality content in an oversaturated market.


Diversity, Exclusivity, Professionalism, Creativity, Globalization