Gold Link Global & Lostboyz Presents: Neverland 2

When Gold Link Global makes a promise they always keep it, and when we said we were throwing the best E-fest's the internet has seen we meant it. It is through this promise that we bring you Neverland 2, a Gold Link Global and Lostboyz collaboration with none other than SadBoyProlific headlining. We all know how energetic the first House Rules show was, taking place on the same server with more people joining everyday we can expect a huge turnout. Starting at 3 P.M. est with pre show at 2:30 we all hope to see you there spamming the chat room and going crazy with us, Let's bring the same energy as House Rules , spamming Gifs, moshing in bedrooms, and making these shows feel like the real thing all in the safety of our houses.